On 19th November 2023 Emily of Cowes will set off from Gran Canaria to St. Lucia in the company of a couple of hundred other yachts. We will be participating in the racing division of Atlantic Rally for Cruisers 🐬

It will be Richard’s 21st transatlantic. He is an ocean yachtmaster instructor with advanced first aid and medical care at sea certificates as well as a long range radio/satcom qualification.

Unlike other charter companies Emily’s crew will be limited to seven plus the skipper.

Emily has three spinnakers

We will sail south until the butter melts and then turn right

Dress code: shorts and T shirts (even at night in the tropics)

£4,750 per person including entry fees, fishing gear, a generous provisioning allowance and safety equipment which includes personal AIS devices and a proper ocean ready medical kit.


Emily of Cowes last crossed the Atlantic during lockdown one. A good seaman never seeks out stormy weather, but on our way home from the Caribbean, not allowed to stop in the Azores, a storm sought us out:

Emily of Cowes sat out a Force 10 gale in the western approaches.

Emily of Cowes was retrofitted with a watertight bulkhead making her more seaworthy than a standard production yacht.